New to this but Looking to make good money over time

What’s up everyone!

I’m just beginning to get into affiliate marketing. I’ve done MLM work before and found success with that, but this is new to me. I’m only on clickbank right now. So here are my questions:

  1. I don’t have a lot of money (none really since being diagnosed with cancer. Everything goes to medical) and am wanting to go free routes to try to make something so that I can roll whatever that makes back into paid ads, etc.

I’m planning on doing review blogs with affiliate links, which will then link to YouTube channels. SEO writing for both of those.
What else could I do besides those two?

  1. What else besides clickbank are there?

  2. How do I build back links?

I think that’s all my questions right now. Hope you all have a great day and tanks in advance for your opinions and help

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