Marketing for an oddly specific niche

For a little while now, I’ve been writing tons of articles on various underappreciated series that I like, and based on the responses I’ve gotten, it’s something I can do decently well.

Point being, I was always doing this as a hobby, but was also trying to learn Affiliate Marketing in the background. Unfortunately, I’m apparently also kind of an idiot, because no matter how much I ready about this, stare at my site, try to make it work, nothing seems to fit.

I tried Amazon, and made a few bucks with random advice with links, but have yet to see a single penny come from Clickbank. Thing is, I can’t seem to find anything that doesn’t sound sketchy or that even remotely fits for this. Every day I take time to go through the list, and every time I just see lots and lots of things that quite frankly, don’t even look legit.

Most advice I see follows the same pattern of “Oh check out my house and car, and You have to go be motivated, and POOF, cash falls from the sky, go join my program now” over, and over, and over, and over. Of the few that don’t, I found little besides a vague “Go find a thing and go do it” situation.

As far as writing what I know…well, I’m a work from home dad of 2, a failed real estate investor, and have a lot of experience in game design/testing, with no degrees to make them into an actual income source. I can ramble on forever about anything family related, history related, dumb property stories, or to do with game design.

Can anyone offer some advice on what direction to pursue this from? I’ve been working from home for years, my other business isn’t looking so hot, and somehow getting this to click seems like it could, even on the conservative end, at least help in a very immense way.

Any help would be appreciated, thank You for Your time!

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