£7,000 Starting Capital or Affiliate Ecommerce Site?

Hello everyone,

I’m relatively new to the idea of affiliate marketing. With my (limited) knowledge on the subject, my initial idea is to launch a large Amazon UK affiliate ecommerce site focusing on three main areas (sport supplies, health / beauty products and technology). I would like customers to eventually think of this site as a ‘one stop shop’. I plan on investing heavily in paid traffic (most likely through facebook from what I have read) from the beginning to generate income.

I’ll go over my key points below and I’d appreciate any feedback, it’s quite possible I’ve got the complete wrong end of the stick and I’m going to go nowhere fast.

– I would begin by only using Amazon UK affiliate links.

– The site would go to a landing page showing a few ‘best sellers’ from each of the three categories along with links to some industry news / blog posts.

– The navigation bar would have links to the three categories (sport supplies, health / beauty products and technology), with sub menus to blog posts relevant to those industries. I plan to begin with ‘best 10 sports products 2018’ or ‘most popular 2018 face creams for women’ etc.

– I plan to launch with a few thousand items in each category.

– The minimum goal is to eventually make £3,000 per month (profit). Once this is achieved I can focus on growing larger, but £3,000 really is the minimum I would eventually like to be making within a year or two.

– I have a £7,000 (coud go higher if needed) advertising budget for paid traffic. I understand that organic SEO ranking is the best long term solution, which I hope to achieve with regular blog posts in each category, but I would like to invest heavily in paid traffic / advertising from the beginning. I would make a specific advert for each category (for example, a beauty related advert would link to the beauty part of the site) and target these to the appropriate demographics through paid adverts.


I have a few concerns…

– Market saturation: I am under no illusion that the three starting categories I have chosen are niche in any way. I am worried that they are so heavily saturated that it’s almost impossible to compete for traffic? However, I feel like my idea of a large ecommerce site with different categories cannot work with very niche markets?

– Paid advertising returns: I am finding it very hard to find actual results from paid advertising for ecommerce affiliate sites. I still have no idea whether paid advertising such as facebook / google ppc actually return positive results for similar sites? This is the foundation of the business for the first few years and I am completely in the dark as to whether or not it’s a feasible idea? If it is, what kind of ROI do people normally achieve with paid ads?

Is any of this achievable?

In summary, I am horribly confused but desperate to work hard to make something work. I’d just appreciate some advice, even if it’s to completely scrap this idea and start with another one. At this moment in time it feels like information overload and I can’t piece it all together.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Thank you.

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