3 Things I Do To Maximize My Affiliate Marketing Results On YouTube

The amount of people that have a YouTube channel, but don’t use affiliate marketing to help boost the channels overall revenue is insane! I think this happens because people assume its this over complicated process but its really not.

Here’s three easy steps for you to follow in order to get the best results possible.

Note: I’m assuming you have already picked your niche and found a couple of affiliate offers you want to promote in the description of your videos.

Step #1 Create Good Branding. Having strong channel branding will help you be easily recognized, and will help you become the go to channel for you niche which is essential if you want to maximize your affiliate marketing efforts. So how do you create a strong brand on YouTube?

  1. Themed Thumbnails. All of your thumbnails should have the same feel to them, which means they all should include the same font, colors, logo and shapes.
  2. Enticing Channel Banner. The goal of your channel banner is to quickly let newcomers know exactly what your channel is about and how often you upload. It’s important that you can convey this message quickly because our attention spans are short.
  3. Quality Intro & Outro. A quality intro quickly lets the viewer know exactly what they can expect to get out of the video, and often includes a quick summary of what the channel is about. While a good outro has a strong call to action a pushes viewers to watch another video. You can see an example of how I do both of these in every video here.

Step #2 Upload High Quality Content. Good branding can often get people to click on your videos, but if they do click the video and it sucks there goes a potential sale. Now “High Quality” content will be different depending on the niche you are in, but there are a couple of basic things you should accomplish in your video in order for it to be considered high quality.

  1. Invoke Emotion. Getting people to feel some sort of emotion when they are watching your video is the fastest way to build a connection with them. And of course when you have a strong connection with your viewers they will eat up your affiliate offers. This is why so many vloggers have success with affiliate marketing on their channel. When they recommend something to a long time viewer it feels like that recommendation is coming from a family member or close friend, not a stranger, and this all because they could make the viewer feel an emotion which helped bring them closer to the creator.
  2. Solve A Problem. We’ve all had our fair share of problems and questions that we’ve turned to YouTube to find the answer for, i’m sure of it. Now just think back to how happy you were when you found that one video that perfectly answered your question after hours of searching the internet. You were probably ecstatic and super grateful right? Well chances are so was the creator of the video. Why? Because they just built a super strong connection with you, and now you know they have value. So how does this tie back to affiliate marketing? Well often times a creator will solve your problem while at the same time promote their affiliate offer to you. Ex: A video titled “How To Dunk A Basketball In 10 Steps” will probably have affiliate links to a basketball with good grip, jumping shoes, maybe a dunking program etc. This is perfectly fine with the viewer though because the video solved their problem, and is now giving them bonus solutions (affiliate offers) to speed up their progress.

If you ever aren’t sure if your video is high quality try watching it. If you can’t make it through the whole video without tuning out chance are you need to make some tweaks. If you can’t even make it through your own video without getting bored you certainly can’t expect a random stranger on the internet to sit through the whole video.

Step #3 Optimize Your Videos For Search. You can have good channel branding and high quality content, but if no one can find your videos those things don’t matter. A lot of people get lazy when it comes to optimize their videos because they just want to get the video posted, but this is the worst time to get lazy! Here are some tips to help rank your videos in search.

  1. Do Keyword Research. When you are just starting a YouTube channel its important that you find keyword phrases that have less competition, and are easier to rank. You can use free tools like keywords everywhere and TubeBuddy to help speed up the process. These tools will show you how often a phrase is searched, and also how hard it will be to rank for that keyword phrase. Once you find a keyword phrase that accurately describes your video, and has low competition with decent search volume you want to include that phrase at the start of your YouTube video title, in the first sentence of your description, as well as throughout the description, and also in your tags.
  2. Write Detailed Descriptions. This is where I see a lot of people get lazy, and they never have success affiliate marketing on youtube because of it. Your descriptions should be between 200–500 words and should include your keyword phrase where it fits naturally. I like to treat the description of my videos as if it were a short blog post. You want to give YouTube as information about your video so it knows how to properly rank it. If YouTube can’t figure out where your video belongs it just simply won’t get shown.
  3. Transcribe Your Videos. This is just one of those bonus things to really help boost your chances of ranking your video over the top. Not a lot of people will take the time to transcribe their videos, so if you do you are getting an edge. Again this just gives YouTube more information about your video, and how to rank it. This one isn’t essential to rank in search, but if your are really trying to maximize your growth (especially when you’re small ) it can help.

Mastering YouTube affiliate marketing can’t be daunting, but if you follow these three steps it should certainly get easier (and more profitable).

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