New to niche websites and affiliate marketing

I just started a niche website last month and so far I have had about approximately 130 visitors. My niche websites is about providing concise reviews about laptops, gaming laptops and smartphones for those who are on a budget. I would like to know how I can get more traffic and visitors to website and what changes I can make to it look better.

You can check out the website Https://

Also, how long will it take to get at least 1000 visits a month.

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New to Affiliate Marketing – Health and Fitness / Supplements

People may think I am crazy to get into this market but honestly it is what I know. Additionally, with the program I am in I can see commissions at 20%. I just started a few months ago and have been trying a variety of different things to try and drive traffic to my site. I have run fb ads but just end up spending money and don’t get any conversions.

I am working on trying to optimize SEO right now but I know very little about SEO, so there is a bit of a learning curve. I thought about hiring people of Fiverr to do the SEO work for me but I am not sure if it is quality work. I am planning on starting a Youtube channel for to help drive traffic but I know the youtube fitness community is quite saturated.

Here is mysite: r/Https://

Have any of you ever bought PLR content and re-wrote it to make it your own? I have read a lot of people do that to fill in their daily content? Also, I know that instagram is really hot right now for eCommerce but I suck at taking pictures. Have any of you bought photo stock to comprise your instagram? Just trying to come up with creative ideas to capitalize.

Any idea / thoughts would greatly be appreciated.


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New to affiliate marketing…

I have had my youtube, instagram, and twitter pages for about 1 1/2 months. I only signed up for Amazon affiliate program due to some of the research that I did stating that it free and easy to sign up plus I always shop there. I figured it would be easy to convince others to shop there as well. In a month and a half I have gotten over 350 clicks but no orders. Got on chat with Amazon today and found out only 2 purchases have been made since activation and they were both by me. Just trying to figure out the best route to take in order to get some orders placed. Is it true that the amazon mobile app doesn’t track the cookies, therefore not track sales? If so, that really sucks. I haven’t gotten enough follower support to apply for some of the bigger programs. I have 11 videos uploaded to YouTube, all have amazon links, and currently have 33 subscribers. I have 155 followers on IG which I use to promote my videos, I have 100 followers on Twitter which I place product links as well as promote my videos. I need some help and guidance. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Let me say that I didn’t sign up to be an affiliate thinking that I would make lots of money up front. But it is just surprising that with 350 clicks, I have no conversions yet.

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