Affiliate Summit East 2018: The Ultimate Guide

Affiliate Summit East is the talk of town! Are you gonna wait around or are you gonna dive into this phenomenal article and get your New York City mojo on? Check this guide, then!

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Affiliate Summit East is a tremendous event and a great chance for you to meet like-minded individuals who love the exciting world of affiliate marketing.

This truly is one of the affiliate conferences that you just can’t miss out!

But what about New York City, the famous Big Apple that’s been inspiring the world for a century?

Do you know where to go for some fun?

Can you get access to a subway grid so you don’t get lost in the Bronx?

No biggie!

I’m gonna provide all the info you’ll need to succeed in the city that never sleeps!

8 Things You Need to Know About Affiliate Summit East 2018

Here are 8 things you need to know about Affiliate Summit East and New York City to make sure you get to enjoy the time of your life!

1. The Preparation

Ever been in New York City?


No problem!

It’s the city that represents the endless possibilities of the incredible American Dream!

For centuries, New York has welcomed hopeful immigrants that come from all over the world to create businesses, live their lives, and create a memorable cultural impact on planet earth!

But, wait!

Before even considering attending Affiliate Summit East, you should get a Visa and a Passport!

How to get these documents and seal the deal?

Click here and find out!

Need more information about visas, passports and how to track the progress of your application?

Check here, then!

Now that you’ve got the documents you need, it’s time to think about the price of your airplane tickets!

Don’t really know what to expect when it comes to prices?

Check this link and book your flight to see the Statue of Liberty rule over the Hudson river!

Now, let’s talk about airports.

In order for you to visit New York, you’ll probably get a plane ticket to one of these three airports:

  1. John F. Kennedy International Airport
  2. LaGuardia Airport
  3. Newark Liberty International Airport

You’ll notice that two of these airports are actually in New York City, whereas Newark Liberty International Airport is in Newark, New Jersey.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

This is New York City’s main airport and it’s named after a pretty famous president of the United States!

It’s actually the busiest international air passenger gateway in all of North America and one of the busiest airports on earth (number 22, to be more precise.)

In 2017, this awesome airport handled more than 59 million passengers coming from all over the world.

Located in Queens, this international airport is a great gateway into America’s most astounding city!

LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia is a whole other game!

Located in the northern part of Queens, this is the third busiest airport in New York City.

Covering something like 680 acres of land, this airport has registered a tremendous growth in passenger traffic:

In fact, 29.8 million passengers have used the airport in 2016.

This airport has been criticized for its outdated facilities.

No worries!

It’s now benefiting from a reconstruction plan!

Newark Liberty International Airport

Last but not least, this is the airport that isn’t actually located in the city!

Even so, Newark Liberty International Airport is located 15 miles southeast of New York City, which means it’s more than a viable option for those of you who are looking to catch a plane!

This is the fifteenth busiest airport in the United States, serving almost 44 million passengers.

The good news?

It doesn’t matter which airport you pick!


Because there are buses that’ll take you from each airport to the city center in no time!

2. I’m Here! Now, What?

Now that you’ve arrived in the land of wealth and dreams, it’s time for you to get some Benjamins, am I right?

The American currency is the almighty dollar!

It’s the paper that makes the world go round so make sure you pack some bills!

Check this link to understand how many dollars you’ve got on your bank account!

It’s exchange time!

What about the cost of living?

Try this link on for size and understand what to expect!

Another important aspect of your New York journey?

Where are you gonna sleep?

Hotels abound in the city of dreams so click this link and try to get a good deal and a hotel that’s close to the action!


Even though the city doesn’t sleep, you should!


Because Affiliate Summit East is gonna wear you out, that’s for sure!

3. Where’s the Event, Anyway?

Affiliate Summit East is gonna be held at the New York Marriott Marquis, a cool hotel!

Where the heck is that?

1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, USA

That’s right!


You can even get to check some of the world’s most awesome theatrical spectacles and marvelous musicals!

Wanna get a ticket for a Broadway Show that’s gonna change your life?

Click here and go for it!

Need more info about the hotel’s location?

Want me to provide a Google Maps link?

Click here!


Need a subway grid map so that you can get to the event in time?

Check this Subway Grid!

4. The Event: What’s the Story?

Affiliate Summit East is simply the biggest affiliate marketing conference in North America!

It was created by Shawn Collins and Missy Ward, two remarkable affiliate marketers who needed a place to communicate with other affiliates, meet cool marketers, and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

That’s why they decided to create this spectacular affiliate fest.

They’d seen things they hadn’t liked about an affiliate event they attended and they decided to create something truly special.

In 2003, this couple had a long chat about what they wanted their event to be.

Then, they registered and went for it!


The event is simply unmissable!


I’m talking about thousands of digital marketers from more than 70 countries that will actually get together in the greatest city on earth!

To do what?

Discuss the latest trends at the performance marketing industry’s coolest event!

These decision-makers, awesome entrepreneurs, and amazing affiliate marketers come from all over this green earth to chat, shape, and change the course of affiliate marketing history!

In this event, you can get access to the Networking Lounge, get to set up a booth, experience the Meet Market, check the Exhibit Hall, and listen to some of the world’s brightest speakers, engaging presentations, and much more!

The chance to meet unforgettable people, forge new business connections, and experience an event so famous every affiliate marketer has heard about it?

Of course you need to go!

5. Transportation Time!

New York City is a super-organized concoction of straight streets where skyscrapers are monuments to humankind’s remarkable power and industrious ability!

The city is so ridiculously large and populous that you can actually get lost!

Facing the Hudson, experiencing the calm poetry of Central Park, or even drooping over some work of modern art, it’s easy for you to become mesmerized by the intensity of colors, the vibrancy of multicultural people, the streets you’ve already seen in movies but are now getting to check in real life, etc.

That’s why I need to guide you!


By showing you how to move around town!


In New York City, you can hop on a bus or even the rail.

But guess what?

New York City’s subway is all over the underground of this life-changing metropolis!

Owned by the city of New York, this rapid transit system opened in 1904, making it one of the world’s oldest methods of transportation.

It’s also the subway system that’s got the highest number of stations, which means you can literally go anywhere you wanna go!

How many stations are in operation, you ask?


With stations located in the boroughs of Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan, you know there’s no way you could miss out on any part of town!

Containing 236 miles of routes, 36 lines, and a daily ridership of more than 5 million people, you know this isn’t just a transport system:

It’s a whole world drilled beneath the city, ready for you to check for yourself!

What to do?

Get a metrocard and move around like a real New Yorker!

Want more info?

Click here!

6. Best Restaurants

This event is intense!

No wonder you’re gonna be hungry!

But where to eat in a city that’s got all the cuisines this world has ever created?

How to pick the right spot to dive into the very best examples of world gastronomy?

Check these super hot Manhattan restaurants and become amazed by flavor!

What about famous New York City delis where you can get the type of sandwich that changes lives?

Check this link and experience tasty gusto!

7. Touristic Stuff

Museums, tremendously awesome buildings, incredible art, Central Park, Broadway, Time Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Dakota Building, Yankee Stadium, etc.

So many cultural landmarks, so little time!


Need a link containing the very best things you must check out for yourself?

Check it here and make memories that shall last forever!

8. Is the Mobidea Crew Going?

Yes, indeed!

You know the Mobidea Crew loves this event so it’s only natural that we’re gonna send our best media buying pros to the Big Apple!

Come meet us at Affiliate Summit East!

Let’s talk business!

Ready to schedule a meeting?

Click right here!


You’re now ready to experience Affiliate Summit East like a pro!

Moreover, you can be sure to eat at the very best restaurants, visit the coolest delis, and walk around New York City like a true denizen!

Prepared for the trip of a lifetime and an event so nice it’s got two editions every year?

Go for it!


Mobidea Academy

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How to Fail at Affiliate Marketing

In 2016, retailers in the United States spend almost $5 billion on affiliate marketing. In the next few years, that number will grow to almost 7 billion dollars. You heard all of these incredible numbers and you dreamed of how a piece of that pie could be yours.

It’s months later and you’ve made absolutely zilch. Hours of work to make less than a beggar on skid row.

You’re probably looking for someone to shame you, right? Tell you all the things you did wrong?

Great! So let’s get to it! Here is a guide on how to fail miserably at affiliate marketing.

1. Jump Right In Because “You’ve Got This”

Really, you should just skip the research phase of this business because you can make money online without lifting a finger, right? All you have to do is look up the “Top Ten Most Lucrative Affiliate Networks,” sign up and put the links on your website.

Nothing else in life works this way, so why shouldn’t affiliate marketing. Doesn’t sound like a scam at all. *waves hands like a magician* …here’s my e-book on why what you just read is guaranteed true.

Affiliate marketing is work. You work 60 hours a week to avoid working 40. But the end result, a fairly passive income stream, is worth the hours of research.

Eventually, the research will end and your job will mostly be maintenance. But until then it’s easy and fairly cheap to get started on your education. You don’t have to pass any tests and you don’t have to hole up in some dorm with the weird kid who plays WOW all day.

Know Your Sources

There’s a lot of bad advice out there about affiliate marketing. Separating the wheat from the chaff can be exhausting. So here is a small list of reputable affiliate gurus:

  • Neil Patel
  • Seth Godin
  • Guy Kawaski
  • Brian Clark
  • And, of course, Shoemoney!

2. Productize Nothing

As with all great visions, there is nothing substantive about what you do in affiliate marketing. You just flitter away some words online, plug in a few links, and wait for the money to roll in. That’s what the research will tell you, right?

Once you’ve done all of that research, it’s a cake walk. You don’t need to actually sell anything, especially not that pesky e-book. All that writing and formatting, it’s just not worth it.

Said no affiliate marketer ever.

While, yes, affiliate marketing is basically about promoting products, you don’t want all your income to roll in from one direction. What if someone decides to shut off one of your affiliate streams? All that work will have been for nothing.

This is where the e-book, the e-course, the drop shipped products, etc. come in. You want to diversify your income streams while at the same time driving traffic to your blog (you built a blog, right? Great! We’ll ruin that next too.)

Productize for Marketing

If you haven’t heard of a marketing funnel, Google is your friend. An e-book or e-course is an incredible way to get people to fall into your marketing fly trap. This is why you need several “free” products and several paid products.

The free products are the bait you place near the top of your funnel and the paid products you place near the bottom (your landing page.) Yes, this takes work. But if you provide a product of worth and you know how to market it, you’ll quickly have several income streams and more traffic than you need.

3. Just Start a Blog

Just start a blog, they said. It would be easy, they said. And so you did. You even spent $2000 on a web designer to make it look all fancy while telling your wife that such and such expert said you could make ten times that.

Now you’re months down the road, you’ve written a blog about everything under the sun, and you’re attending marriage counseling classes. What have you done to yourself?

“If You Build It They Will Come” Was Merely a Field of Dreams Nothing More

You bought into the “if you build it, they will come” fallacy. Too many people just build something without a vision or a direction. This is the main reason why so many marketers fail.

You’ll hear this from every affiliate blogger out there. Niche down. Find a subject you’re interested in and then find a small corner where few people are camped out and make your mark.

If you create a running blog, don’t do a general running advice blog. Every runner has “great advice.” Ask yourself, what brought you to the sport? Do you look up to anyone in the sport? What do you think others will be interested in reading?

Use the tools available. and have wonderful tools to help you understand how much traffic various niches and topics are generating.

The Stubborn Survive

Fail early and fail often. The best entrepreneurs aren’t always brilliant but they are always stubborn. They learn from their failures and correct their mistakes.

If you’ve already fallen into the failure wagon, then it’s time to hop up to the reigns and do it right this time.

If you’re looking for more affiliate marketing advice, check out more of it here on

6 Top Crypto Advertising Networks You Should Know

Blockchain technology is reshaping the scene like crazy and creating a whole lotta noise!

Scared of missing out on the party, many people are getting into cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency advertising, mining, ICO investments and of course, crypto affiliate marketing.

The latter offers great money-making opportunities and with the current article, we’ll dive into more details about the ins and outs of the vertical.

Due to the specifics of this market, affiliates are asking a load of important questions like
Where to buy traffic? or Are there any crypto advertising networks out there?

Yes, indeed!

Being the cool bro that I am, I made this handy list of top crypto networks so hurry up and get on the bandwagon. That party waits for nobody.

Post Contents

Top Crypto Advertising Networks: The Definitive Review

The review below will teach you everything you need to know about each dope platform: offers, types of targeting features, whether or not you can count on a great customer support, and much more!

Prepared for a festival of crypto ad network information?

Are you ready for this crypto ad network review?

Let’s take a look at some of the best crypto advertising networks:

TokenAd is the RTB-powered advertising network focused on all things crypto.

TokenAd works directly with both publishers and advertisers willing to monetize their trading platforms and cryptocurrency exchanges, bitcoin news websites, blogs, and ICO rankings on exclusive partnership conditions.

A super-targeted advertising network, TokenAd delivers awesome engagement and good traffic volumes due to its ads policy that only allows crypto-related content.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit required to work with the platform is $10,000.

Don’t be shocked!

The crypto market is highly profitable!

Even so – as any other business – it’s gonna push you to go big. You gotta be ready to make investments and face a certain amount of risk!

Targeting and Ad Formats

At the moment, TokenAd targets by GEO and Device, and it also provides Retargeting.

Several ad formats are available: Native Ads, Bottomline, Banners, and Videos.

This gives you a lot of ad combinations to play with, making sure you can appeal to users from all around the world!

Strongest GEOs

Even if the guys at TokenAd operate worldwide and partner directly with publishers and advertisers, they tend to brag about certain strong GEOs from time to time.

Indeed, the biggest amount of their traffic comes from Poland, Brazil, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Mexico.

TokenAd GEO

Offers Info

It’s possible to run all crypto-related offers with TokenAd traffic, such as ICOs, crypto exchanges, and trading platforms.

When it comes to the bidding system, you can pay for the traffic by CPC or CPM.

The exact amount that you pay for traffic will always depend on your targeting settings, and especially the GEO you pick.


Since this ad network is solely focused on crypto, topping-up your account through your crypto wallet is the standard (works for Bitcoin and Ethereum.)

However, being the cool bros that they are, TokenAd allow payments via PayPal, Payoneer, ePayments, WebMoney, AliPay, and Bank/Wire Transfer.

TokenAd payment methods

A Real-Time Bidding Platform

TokenAd has its own RTB platform.

It effectively allows you to perform a super-efficient and fast bidding auction.

Moreover, you’ll get to collect statistical data using the platform. How awesome is that!

tokenad rtb


Another advantage of TokenAd?

The fact that their epic team is multilingual so you can get dedicated support in lots and lots of languages.

This platform got game and doesn’t fool around with anything less than 24/7!

A-Ads is the crypto pioneer on the market, active since 2011.

A-Ads provides a simple online advertising platform that’s quite user-friendly and focused on privacy – it requires no personal data submission whatsoever!

With A-Ads you’ll start working almost immediately in a platform that’s completely funded by profits coming from the world of cryptocurrency.

This platform is super simple and will only take you a few minutes to start with a campaign or create an ad unit.

A-Ads also offers transparent statistics, automatic payouts, and sweet traffic from thousands of websites and applications.

In addition, its ads don’t contain Javascript, Adobe Flash or use cookies, meaning you can safely embed them anywhere.

These guys believe global advertising is for everyone and they make it real!

Minimum Deposit

There’s no minimum deposit!

The company prefers working on a daily budget basis.

That means advertisers pay the daily budget they feel comfortable with and, in return, the network gives them as much traffic as possible for that specific amount.


Advertisers can use targeting according to site categories, GEOs, and quality range.

You can buy traffic from your favorite platforms directly.

In addition, the system is built so that all the traffic you get actually comes from direct publishers.

Available Cost Models

Pay per Day (daily budget)

Advertisers pay for exposure at targeted ad spaces, not for the traffic.

Pay for Results

The platform offers free traffic to advertisers who reward efficient publishers via API (CPA & Revenue Share.)

Pay per Mille (CPM)

It’s available, but not really used.

Strongest GEOs

In terms of the strongest GEOs, almost half of the platform’s traffic comes from English-speakers around the globe.

Even so, the platform has awesome traffic from all around the world, something you can check for yourself by analyzing these stats!

a ads countries

a ads languages

The top 5 countries are the USA, Brazil, India, Russia, and Vietnam.

Offers Info

Since this is the oldest bitcoin advertising network around, these guys offer an extensive selection of cryptocurrency-related traffic sources which are perfect for the promotion of ICOs, currency exchanges and trading, cloud mining, gaming and gambling on blockchain.


This ad network provides both support and accounting 24/7.

The average reply time?

4 hours.

Coinzilla is a crypto & finance display advertising network built and operated by Sevio Solutions.

Coinzilla has been created with the purpose of expanding the crypto market and providing it with a complete advertising solution.

Since its release, Coinzilla has promoted over 200 brands and it’s currently helping over 400 Publishers monetize their online content.

Minimum Deposit

The platform has different minimum deposit amounts, which depend on the payment method.

Bitcoin Payments

A minimum amount of 0.05 bitcoins

Ethereum Payments

A minimum deposit amount of 0.5 Ethereum

Wire Payments

A minimum deposit of €5000.


Advertisers select which websites and GEOs they want to receive traffic from.

You can get more options in case you get in touch with an account manager!

Available Cost Models

Both Coinzilla and its publishers work exclusively with CPM in all formats.

Strongest GEOs

Coinzilla works with an abundance of traffic sources from all over the world.

The best countries to explore, though?

Opt for the USA, Russia, Germany, Turkey, and the United Kingdom!

Offers Info

Advertisers can run different crypto or financial such as casinos, trading platforms, ICOs, and other types of ads that are safe for work.

What does that mean?

You’ve gotta play it safe!

No monkey business!

Be sure to check the restrictions before running anything.


Both advertisers and publishers have live/ticket support and an account manager who will help them out in no time!

BitMedia is one of the first bitcoin advertising platforms, focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Their mission?

To maximize the income of both advertisers and publishers!

These guys mean business!

In this network, you can find about 3,700 crypto-related websites that bring more than 41 million impressions daily!


Quite impressive!

Minimum Deposit

I’ve got some great news for you!

There’s no minimum deposit!

There is, however, a minimum bid and it starts from 0.0000205 BTC for those working with CPC campaigns, and 0.000025 BTC for those of you doing CPM campaigns.


GEO, Device, and Time of the Day.

Coming soon:

Interests and categories!

Available Cost Models

CPC – this type of ads get lower priority in the ad rotation.

CPM – this type of ads get higher priority in the ad rotation.

Strongest GEOs

The strongest GEOs are the USA, Canada, European countries, Russia, and the UK, but traffic supply ain’t limited to these only. Use the platform’s handy targeting feature to pick from any of the other GEO targeting options.

Offers Info

According to network representatives, the best conversion rate on this platform is associated with various crypto projects on the CPC price model (i.e. you pay for each click).

Wanna have an efficient campaign?

Here’s my recommendation:

Make sure that you create dynamic image ads!

You can explore a GIF format, for example.


There’s a support crew that’s always glad to assist in setting up an ad campaign, adjusting it, and getting it started. They are your go-to people when it comes to getting that sweet cash!

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, CoinTraffic has become the premier digital advertising partner in the blockchain and crypto sectors.

These guys are passionate about startups and love developing new products!

It’s a dope team we’re talking about here. In fact, they’re now part of more than 80 ICO projects which have already raised around $800 million since 2017!


CoinTraffic has a self-service system which – at the time of writing – is closed.


All communications and operations are done through dedicated account managers, who are also responsible for your campaign setup.

Minimum Deposit

It’s similar to that of TokenAd.

Indeed, the minimum budget to start working with this ad network is €10.000.


The platform provides GEO targeting as well as device targeting – desktop and mobile.

And – drumroll – there’s a new platform being developed at the moment!

The idea?

To bring more diverse and detailed targeting opportunities for all players!

Cost Models

At this point, the network is not very flexible and only offers 100% prepaid CPM traffic.

Strongest GEOs

The ad network provides traffic from all over the world.


Need those super high volumes? Then explore the USA, United Kingdom, Japan, and Russia.

Offers Info

The offers here all answer one question:

Is this interesting for the crypto community?

If it is, then you can explore it on CoinTraffic!

The ads will normally show up in the top positions of websites.

Which offer types should you go for?

ICO and Gambling!

PropellerAds is an advertising network providing media solutions for Advertisers and Publishers. Founded in 2011, the company rapidly became a leader in popunder advertising and later expanded into the native advertising world.

PropellerAds work with thousands of publishers’ sites and traffic suppliers, that provide worldwide traffic from different platforms and devices. The ad network currently delivers more than 1 billion impressions daily, and thousands of campaigns monthly, to desktop and mobile audiences.

There’s a variety of offers and products promoted on PropellerAds, and one of the top-performing verticals is Crypto: ICO, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binary options, Forex, Faucets and other similar products.

Minimum Deposit

Minimum deposit is as low as $100 (get your special bonus for the first deposit here).

Targeting and Ad Formats

Advertising formats: Native Push Notifications, Native Interstitial 2.0, Popunder.

Targeting by: Country, City, User activity (new), Language, Frequency capping, Device, OS type and version, Black / White lists of ad placements, Browser, Day & Time, etc.

Strongest GEOs

The strongest GEOs on PropellerAds are the USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, India, Italy, Spain.

Offers Info

It’s allowed to promote the following types of offers: Crypto, Betting, Binary, Sweepstakes, e-Commerce, Nutrition, Subscriptions, Dating, Games, Cash on Demand (CoD) and other.

Remember this well – promotion of Adult is prohibited.


PayPal, Bank cards, Skrill, UnionPay, Payoneer and Wire transfers.

Real-Time Bidding Platform

RTB is available on demand for both desktop and mobile traffic. Data exchange is processed via XML, OpenRTB and JSON.


24/7 Live Chat and support available. PropellerAds also has a large knowledge base with lots of instructions and step-by-step guides.

Among other additional solutions for advertising, you’ll find Retargeting, Public API for campaigns management automation, S2S conversion tracking and a variety of traffic tokens, as well as real-time statistics.

Available Cost Models

PropellerAds has the following cost models available: CPM, CPC, SmartCPA.


This article was created with one goal in mind:

This article was created with one goal in mind:

To provide a comprehensive list of the best crypto advertising networks for you to explore!

No need to be scared!

Reread the list, think about the kind of investment you wanna make, and then go for it with panache!

Pick a crypto advertising network and rock on!


See Also:


Mobidea Academy

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eCommerce and Affiliate Marketing: The Dream Team

Post Contents


This world is completely different from what it was only a few years ago.

In fact, you can now read an ebook written in Italy using an iPhone built in China with materials coming straight outta Namibia while drinking Colombian coffee you bought with the money you made with your Indian clients.

The world is more globalized than ever before and you can feel that every single day.

Moreover, technology and globalization have made it possible for anyone to access a product anywhere, and that’s where E-Commerce comes in.

But what is eCommerce, you ask?

No worries!

It’s time for me to explain everything!

By reading this article about eCommerce, you’ll become able to know the history of eCommerce, and how eCommerce works.

In addition, you’ll get to understand where affiliate marketing enters the picture and how you can effectively make money in eCommerce as an affiliate marketer!

Ready for this eCommerce master class?

Prepared to really know what is affiliate marketing in eCommerce and become an eCommerce affiliate known all around the world?

Let’s go!

What is eCommerce?

In the beginning, commerce was all about the shopkeeper and his store.

He was a fellow who owned the store, sold local products and knew his clients by name.

The business tended to be a family matter, passed on from generation to generation.

Business was stable and there wasn’t that much of a difference among the services provided by different stores, shops, and drugstores.

Then, the Internet came to be!

Suddenly, everyone was talking with friends and family online.

man typing on laptop

Talking and trading!

That’s when eCommerce started to boom.

eCommerce stands for electronic commerce.

It’s basically the sale and purchase of goods and services online using the internet.

Most commonly it’s the act of shopping online for clothes, books, or other items.

But it can also be associated with online payment systems in general, Internet banking, or online ticket sale events.

eCommerce and Marketing

Nowadays, it’s possible to get in touch with everyone all the time.

This means the list of potential clients has increased to the max.

But, wait!

You need a method that allows you to reach out to clients.

man with megaphone

Moreover, you need to boost your profits by taking advantage of this opportunity made available by technology.

That’s where marketing in eCommerce starts becoming a reality.

But what are the different marketing channels in eCommerce?

Let’s find out!

eCommerce: Marketing Channels

Pay-per-click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is this marketing channel all about?

It basically deals with several methods of promotion of your store on search engines.

You can go about using free traffic (SEO) or you can opt for paid by click traffic (PPC) which actually brings visitors directly to your funnel.

Display Advertising

Display advertising refers to advertising in websites and apps through the use of banners, text ads, video, or audio.

It’s a type of advertising that usually requires a more creative side, but can bring significant visitors if the audience is really drawn to what you’ve created.

Email Marketing

Any solid business knows that repeat customers are the best customers!

Even so – at times – the goal isn’t to get the sale right away.

What is the goal, then?

To make sure you get to collect amazing contact details so that you can make multiple sales in the future.

happy man

Why should you be happy selling a pair of sneakers once, when you can gather more contacts and sell more products like a master?

How can email marketing become a reality?

You can basically create an email submit offer to your visitors and try to lure them into giving you their email address.

Based on that info, you’ll then be able to send regular content as well as any products you want to sell to your mailing list!

But, wait?

Are there any eCommerce platforms you should know about?

Yes, indeed!

You’ve got Online Storefronts and Online Marketplaces!

Keep reading to learn more about each of them, bro!

Online Storefronts: The Face of Your Store

Shopify (recommended), Oberlo, Magento, Demandware, Woocommerce, Big Commerce.

Have you ever heard these complex names before?

What do they all have in common?

Here’s the deal:

They all happen to be a collection of apps and services that allow you to “storify” your catalog of offers into a virtual store that the user will see on their end.

Hence the “storefront” part.

In this article, I won’t actually dive deep into the detailed aspects of each one.

Even so, each one will have specific particularities.

Based on the type of lineup, content and funnel you wish to create, you’ll be able to pick the one that best suits your needs!

Online Marketplaces & Merchants: The Owners of the Offers

Merchants direct owners of different products for sale.

Amazon, for example, is both a merchant and a marketplace.

Amazon aggregates offers and products from different merchants.

At the same time, Amazon is a merchant to different niche based e-stores which take products from Amazon using affiliate links.

It’s important to make a distinction between bulk or broadly categorized merchants (such as Amazon), and more niche-focused merchants that focus on specific categories (such as Mobidea).

In addition, it’s crucial that you understand the following:

Unless you happen to have a big enough audience (millions of daily visitors), you do need to choose and promote a specific niche based on your target audience so as to make sure they buy something and can become either a repeat customer or an audience that can be perfect for you to upsell later on.

By doing this, you’ll see that your conversion rate will be much higher.

happy fellow

This is where affiliate marketing can help.

It can actually allow you to work on equal footing with other big players.

Meaning, what?

That you won’t need to manage inventory or a physical store!

This fact really does open up some interesting opportunities for you!

eCommerce: What’s the Relationship with Affiliate Marketing?

If you’re reading this article, I’d gather that you’re probably interested in affiliate sales products and affiliate marketing.

But, wait!

What is an affiliate marketing business, at the end of the day?

What’s it all about?


Affiliate marketing is the promotion of third-party products and services.

It can be paid on a commission basis if you happen to bring new clients to the owner of the product directly.

eCommerce and Affiliate Marketing are great business opportunities and partners.

It’s relatively easy to connect the dots and understand why.

On the one hand, you have a merchant looking to sell more.

On the other hand, you have someone or an entity with content and an audience they’re looking to monetize.

image of an audience

Every audience is monetizable and – by having the ability to focus your endeavors on a specific niche – you’ll be able to micro target and go for specific custom-made products.

eCommerce is the activity which is most closely related with the affiliate marketing system.


Because it represents a straight sale flow.

Every sale you refer to the merchant allows you to earn X.

It’s easy to understand how it works and why!

eCommerce and Affiliate Marketing

Content is king!

Indeed, you’re gonna promote products with your content.

That’s why it’s important to create good content and original products.

You have to be able to create something unique which draws people in.

You need to entice and excite the users so they keep coming back for more awesomely viral content.

Eventually, they’ll become addicted to your website and will decide to buy some products!

Originality is everything!

If you can provide a unique angle to a different product, your content will be regarded as super interesting and relevant to all the marketing channels I’ve alluded to.

Another thing that you must take into account?

The commission structure and the conditions.

Pay close attention to those two specific aspects!

Making the content work and shine is hard enough:

You don’t wanna waste time compensating for mistakes made when you were dealing with the structure and the conditions!

Look at it from the perspective of a business owner:

How long does the cookie last?

Do you get a commission on all products sold or just on the first one?

Does the billing cart cookie last longer?

Amazon has a longer 90-day cookie for pending purchases, for example.

What about the actual payout?

person with money bills

Is it high enough to be interesting?

Don’t just look at the absolute numbers.

Look at it in a broader context!

Maybe it’s great that you can get 30% of the purchase price or maybe going with a smaller percentage in a much more interesting brand or product niche is far better (almost everyone reads books or likes pets, for example.)

Think about all these nuances and aspects, otherwise you won’t be able to make it in affiliate marketing!

The time you spend building and preparing your content will represent your costs.

The revenue is gonna be the different commission structures you end up working with!


Need me to showcase some examples of affiliate marketing eCommerce?

No biggie!

Examples of Affiliate eCommerce



An eCommerce affiliate marketing website?

Yes, indeed!

This website is a great example of a custom built store that you can create using a Shopify paid app:

Spreadr App.


It’s possible to use Shopify for affiliate products?

Of course!

This eCommerce website pulls products directly from the Amazon Affiliates program.

The content of is a growing community of curators of products.

They constantly create new blog content as well as provide different insights into the listed products in the featured part of the website.

You can also create an account as a reader and become a curator so the audience of people and recurring users gets bigger and bigger.

It grows exponentially by itself.

A website like this takes a huge amount of time to create!

Moreover, it will demand you go for some initial setup costs and paid apps.

Even so, over a long time period, it’s really gonna be worth it!


Because it’s gonna give you some sweet affiliate marketing sales and allow you to fully explore the affiliate model in eCommerce!

Wire Cutter


The second example of an affiliate eCommerce site is a review website.

This website has gathered a huge following due to its amazing content and reliable quality.

In fact, it was purchased by the New York Times for a whole lotta cash!

The website is simple, yet effective.

Wirecutter is super straightforward when it comes to the explanation as to how they make money.

That’s helpful, since it allows them to build a sense of trust with their specific audience.

So how does it work?

You pick a category or niche, and review a given product from a retailer, such as Amazon or Walmart, with affiliate links in it.

If someone reads your content and clicks the URL, a cookie will register that the user came from the specific website.

If they make a purchase, they get a commission.

Great, ain’t it?

It’s a very simple model that works if you put in the time and effort to increase your audience enough so that the income becomes juicy and flows smooth!

Sometimes, a simple solution is the best option and this affiliate eCommerce site proves that in style!

Lucie’s List

lucies list

This is a special one, because of its target audience and monetization methods.

You can see it’s a website built for a female audience who’s expecting a child.

It’s quite the authority website on this very specific niche and it monetizes it in a great way!

When it comes to its retention rate and repeat purchases, this audience is simply superb!

The first thing you see when you access this awesome website is an email subscription opt-in form that requests your email, your name, and the expected due date of your child’s birth.

This will allow Lucie’s List to send specific email content tailored to the time of the pregnancy.

It’s genius and it’s why their newsletter is extremely popular.

And monetizable.

Don’t believe me?

No biggie!

Take a look at their timed newsletter.

It takes maximum advantage of timing.

This website is monetized “indirectly” by regular content with text links from major affiliate programs such as Amazon,, etc.

This allows these guys to build a solid community.

This means they can expand and that’s why they took advantage of the opportunity to create their own ebook (their own product) and sell it directly.

Being relatable to your audience helps you build trust, especially if you use testimonials!

Enjoyed these examples of eCommerce?


I hope you can take your online affiliate sales to the max!

The Ultimate Takeaway

I’ve explained what eCommerce is all about and how you can use affiliate marketing to rock like a pro!

I’ve also given you some dope examples that will inspire you to research a niche and fight the eCommerce battle!

The takeaway?

eCommerce is a huge deal.

Every time you buy something on the internet you’re contributing to its growth.

The endless possibilities allowed by the internet make this clear.

The least visible background processes are often the ones which showcase the biggest potential.

eCommerce is a process.

People buy something every single day.

Even basic groceries.

As an affiliate, you wanna work in a market that’s big, growing and which can provide you with significant sources of income.

Trust me:

There’s nothing bigger than “things people buy online”.


The next step?

You need to pick the right niche for you, star working on the right processes, build your own affiliate website, or simply get to promote affiliate products!

Affiliate marketing can be applied to eCommerce by going back to basics.

You become an affiliate when you refer clients and get a referral bonus.

eCommerce uses the same dynamic, but applied to everything that’s commercially available on the web.

Mobidea is here to help you get started and grow your income as one of your top eCommerce partner merchants!

Give us a holler and get in touch!

You’ll be surprised with the options you’ll be able to explore in this amazing market!

It’s a big world out there, filled with crazy addicted shoppers!

That means you can really make a whole lotta cash by thinking about which affiliate products to sell online!

Go for it!

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John Carvalho Interview @ TES 2018

Post Contents

The European Summit 2018 Interview Series: John Carvalho

The European Summit was the coolest event around!

And guess what?

We even managed to meet John Carvalho, a crypto expert who gave us some awesome info!

He’s the CEO of XO Media and he knows the business like nobody else!

Ready to check this interview and learn?

Go for it!

[embedded content]


Prefer reading?

Dive into this written content, then!

John Carvalho Interview at TES 2018

1. Tell Us About Yourself

My name is John Carvalho.

I’m with a cam site called and we’re the only Bitcoin-only cam site.


Members can tip using Bitcoin and models get their earnings in Bitcoin.

2. Is it Too Late to Start Exploring Crypto?

No. We’ve seen a lot of cycles where the price goes up and down.

Everybody always thinks they’ve missed it.

People thought they missed it when it was $200, then they thought they missed it when it was $1,000. Now they think they’ve missed it when it’s $20,000.

fearful woman

I think that trend is just gonna keep getting stronger.

3. Blockchain and Affiliate Marketing

And affiliate marketing?

I know that there’s been a growing trend where they’re supporting cryptocurrency within what they’re doing.

In general, it’s a great way to move value around.

If you wanna automate payments and send things back and forth between people without having to worry about payment processes or intermediaries, then Bitcoin is the way to do it.

A lot of times – for example, in the Adult industry – some banks don’t like working with Adult.

If you have any type of concern for censorship or if you wanna be able to control your money, you can do that much more fluidly with Bitcoin.

person with money bills

4. Crypto Offers and the Facebook Ban

I’m not aware of what Facebook is doing when it comes to restricting affiliates but I do know that they’re restricting ads related to ICOs. It’s their network.

They can choose what they want to see there.

But, in the end?

Many ICOs are scams and a lot of people do lose money investing in scams so Facebook is just trying to do what they can to protect users.

I don’t think that cryptocurrency is a scam.

But there are people who try to use the hype and the greed around this to take advantage of others. To make them promises that they can get rich quick.

person with dollar bills

And I do think that Facebook has to do what they can to protect their customers.

5. How to Recognize an ICO Scam

The problem that I have with ICOs is that – in general – they create this illusion that you’re investing in some kind of equity or exposure to the success of that project or business.

But actually the token is completely detached.

You don’t get paid dividends, you don’t get to own any equity in the company. It kind of is a little bit of a scam – more often than not – when you’re talking about an ICO.

There are a few out there that will offer you an actual ownership stake in the company that you’re investing in, but very few.

You have to be careful when you’re using your cryptocurrency to invest.

6. Are You Investing in ICOs?

No. There’s one that’s trying to do an actual investment fund and they’re tokenizing ownership in their fund as an ICO.

That might be legitimate. That might be worth looking at because they’re actually offering ownership.

Most ICOs?

All they’re offering is the hope that the price will pump.

graph increase

7. What Do You Think About Telegram’s ICO?

They’re raising a lot of money.

For the size of their company and the number of employees they have?

What they’re actually doing and the potential for revenue is highly speculative. And I’m getting word that they may not even end up doing the ICO because they’re raising enough money privately without having to do so.

pile of money

I think that – if they can avoid it – they probably will.

8. Can Crypto Become a Solid Vertical in Affiliate Marketing?

Whoa! I mean! I’m not gonna sit here and recommend anybody evolved the scamming environment.

But if you’re looking for ways to promote and to make money off of them by getting referrals or whatever it may be, there are real sites doing it.

For example, we’re a cam site.

We pay Bitcoin only. We have a referral program.

If you wanna promote and get users to sign up for our program and make a percentage of what they tip or even a percentage of what the models that you refer earn then you can earn Bitcoin that way.

But to promote scams?

To feed on people’s greed and on their desire to get rich quick?

doubtful man

You have to realize what you’re doing. You have to know.

I’m not gonna sit here and advise on how to do that better.

9. How to Get Into Blockchain?

I would recommend people focus on learning about Bitcoin first. Bitcoin is the truest, oldest, most reliable, it’s got the most professionals involved with it.

It’s got the most advanced and the smartest developers in the world.

They’re focused on Bitcoin.

There are developers working on other projects but none of them even hold a candle to what’s going on with Bitcoin.

Take some time to learn about the history of Bitcoin, how it works, why it works. Get to understand that and get a grasp there.

Learn from the people who are well-known and respected in that community. Then, you’ll be much better equipped to deal with other cryptocurrencies or even ICOs.

10. Is Bitcoin a Scam?

No. When you can’t see how something works and when you can’t see the gears inside the machine, you’ll see conspiracy theories come about.

Everybody thinks that the market is controlled. They think the stock market is controlled.

Everybody thinks that everything they don’t control is controlled by someone else.

But the true nature of it?

It’s an efficient market.

There’s a market out there. There are markets all over the world.

And the ability to actually manipulate and control the price of Bitcoin is only gonna get more and more difficult over time as more and more people invest in it throughout different areas of the world and in different industries.

It’s gonna become virtually impossible to move the price based on your own desires.

11. Which Industries will Rock the Crypto Craze?

You can go back. By looking at the history of Bitcoin.

Which industries have made the best use of it first?

They are obviously the ones which are censored the most.

I’m thinking about Gambling websites.

persons playing poker

They were able to offer proven fair gambling and Bitcoins.

Now you have a certain amount of pseudo-anonymity and you don’t have to worry about paying the processors or the banks.

Nobody can stop you from using it.

The Adult industry is another place where I think cryptocurrency will become more important than it already is. It gives you the ability to avoid worrying about chargebacks.

You don’t have to worry about credit card statements showing that you spent money on your favorite fetish site or whatever it might be.

I do think it’s gonna serve a role where the transactions might be a bit sensitive.

For example, there are BDSM models in Canada that have had their banking accounts closed because the banks didn’t want to do business with this industry. Now, they’ve migrated over to Bitcoins.

Anybody that wants more freedom with their money can find it using cryptocurrency.

12. Can Bitcoin Become a Stable Currency?

No coin is stable. Not even the dollar.

They all move a certain percentage against everything and the value.

When you have a fiat currency, they’re constantly printing them so the illusion of value of what it’s worth changes because your purchasing power goes down every year.

Saving your money in euros or dollars actually becomes risky because – every year – you get to buy less with the same amount.

If you look at prices of things 10 years, 20 years, 30 years ago, you’ll find that it was always cheaper back then. So there’s a volatility to all currencies and to all money.

Do I think there’s gonna be a way to control and to stabilize cryptocurrency like a dollar or something like that?

Not in the short term.

I think that happens when you have more and more people actually using it, actually saving with it. The more value that people entrust into one network, the more stable it will become.

But will it ever become perfectly stable?

No, because nothing is.

13. When Will Blockchain Become Mainstream?

I think that what you’re asking is what is the maximum saturation of people that – in the world – will eventually use cryptocurrency. The potential is very high.

The amount of usage has increased, even though the price has skyrocketed in the past year.

But it’s still very small.

And it’s mostly just speculators.

But when you start to see more and more?

You’ll start to see governments holding Bitcoin. You’ll see banks holding Bitcoin.

It does the job of gold better than actual gold.


I think that – at some point – we’re gonna see a shift in the paradigm.

People will realize that they can get the same benefits of edging against the economy or against inflation. As they try to avoid both, they can use Bitcoin.

14. Future Plans

Related to cryptocurrency?

Right now, the developers on Bitcoin have introduced a new kind of technology that will enable you to create a second layer on top of Bitcoin. This will allow you to do more instant transactions for a lower cost.

In the short term, our plan is to implement the lightning network technology for Bitcoin within our platform to allow our users to be able to deposit very cheaply and instantly.

Whoa, John!

What an insightful interview filled with info about the tremendous power of Bitcoin!

As for you, our reader, stay tuned to the Mobidea Academy!

We’ve got more European Summit Interviews to share!

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