How to Choose Affiliate Products

In one of my recent posts, I touched on picking a product or service to use for affiliate marketing. It should be something that you have both used to your personal satisfaction and believe it can help your readers solve some of their problems. This is ideal, but there are many other factors to consider. The first thing you want to do is choose a niche. Then build out your site to see how it looks. Write some starter content and build your readership. Only then should you start to consider what kind of products you can or should offer.

What is a good/bad commission rate?

I am just starting out and have found some affiliate programs for my chosen niche. The commission offered is between 5-10%, the lower one has a stated conversation rate of 3.5%, cookies for 14-60 days. The lower one has the higher cookie day and the higher with the lower cookie day.

I have seen much higher rates on places like Clickbank but none of those places sell the type of stuff I am looking for. So that throws me out of the water there. So I am going straight to the companies and that’s where I got the above rates.

Anyone else doing affiliate marketing like that and getting like offers? Or should I dig deeper?

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Thinking About Affiliate Marketing? Read This First

Anyone who reads blogs on a regular basis probably knows about affiliate marketing. If you’re a new blogger, you’ve probably considered becoming an affiliate marketer. Ads, especially if you’re just starting out, aren’t going to bring in much income. You could build a digital product, but without any traffic, you won’t make any sales. So for new sites and people just getting into the hustle, affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go as you build trust and authority in your niche. Here are a few quick tips for those of you who have yet to get started but are

Can I do Affiliate Marketing to Non-US Citizens… interested in Amazon Bounties in paticular

I have a lot of traffic from Non-US citizens to my site, particularly Australian and New Zealand residents… mostly older people who aren’t all that tech savvy, who would be confused if they were given US pricing, but who I think would be keen to sign up for something like Audible if I marketed it to them. I know Amazon has a $5 bounty for Audible Free Trial signups and they’ve recently launched an Australian Associates program (most goods weren’t advertised on the Australian Amazon site and many stores wouldn’t ship to australia for the US site until recently) but the Australian Associates program doesn’t have a bounty section… I’m not if that means australian signups wouldn’t get bounties, or if they would but not from Australian Associate links, or if it works identically to the US Associates program, they’ve just omitted that section for some reason…

If anyone knows how this works, let me know. If it’s not workable, is there a similar alternative? A bounty for a signup seems much more appealing to me to work with than a small % of a sale.

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How I Found A Profitable Niche That I Actually Enjoy

I followed 3 simple steps to find a niche that was profitable AND that I enjoyed. Here they are!

Okay so you’re finally ready to start you’re affiliate marketing journey, but there’s just one problem, you can’t seem to find a niche that you will enjoy and will be profitable. So what do you do?

Step #1 Is To Brainstorm. I want you to write out a list of 5-10 things that you’re passionate about or that you’re willing to learn about. Everything on your list should be broad and should be something you wouldn’t mind talking about for the next few years. Here’s an example of what you’re list should be like. You want broad topics like mma, golf, making money, creating art and exercising. Now this is a good start, but these topics are way to broad so in step number 2 we’re going to branch out each of these categories into sub niches.

Step #2 Break Down Broad Topics Into Sub Niches. Let’s start by breaking down mma into sub niches. In order to do this we are going to ask ourselves what are the different things people in mma need or want. Well first they need equipment, then they need some sort of coaching or training, and if they’re really into mma they’ll want some apparel.So these are our sub niches for mma. If you are having a hard time figuring out how to break a topic down into sub niches you can type the topic into google, go to a website about that topic, and look at the different sections that website has. Now you are going to go through and repeat this process for each broad topic you thought of in step one. Once you have all of the topics broken down into sub niches you are ready for the third step.

Step #3 Research Each Sub Niche You Just Created. You’re going to check if there are affiliate offers for each sub niche, how often people search for each niche, and how much competition each niche has. To check if there are affiliate offers in your sub niche you can just go on Google and type in your Niche followed by the words affiliate offers, or you can go in a affiliate Network like ClickBank and check that way. In order to find out how often your niche is searched and how much competition it has you can use the free plugin keywords everywhere or Google’s Keyword Planner. You want to make sure that your niche has enough people searching for it to make money, but not so much competition that it’s going to be hard to rank for anything. You know you’re pretty well set off if the keyword planner tool shows your keyword highlighted in green.

If you follow the three steps of brainstorming broad topics you’re interested in, breaking down each broad topic into sub niches, and then researching each sub niche while looking for the criteria I just mentioned you’ll be able to find profitable niches for affiliates marketing in no time.

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Web hosting affiliate marketing – creating free websites

Hello everyone! I need some help and I hope I can find great suggestions here at Warrior Forum.

I am in affiliate marketing (couple months now) and currently, I am promoting web hosting platforms by offering to create free websites for local businesses in my area. My strategy is to create a free website and disclose that I will get paid when a client pays for a certain hosting platform, which they obviously have to. I aim to over deliver and create a relationship with the person soi can upsell them on things they will need like writing content for example. I am a student in South Africa, Cape Town and I am exceptionally good at creating WordPress websites. Cape Town is extremely developed and most people here use the internet with over 50% accessing the internet through mobile.

There are 100s of businesses here without websites and reasons I have discovered is that some feel it’s not necessary while some feel its too expensive. Initially, I thought I would just search for different niches on google and see which ones do not have websites. I did this collected numbers and I started calling. I realized people are very impatient so I optimized my cold call script to just get to the point. Initially, I believed people would be at my feet thanking me (free website…hello?) but it seems that people either got scam like vibes, one lady laughed and was in disbelief and some were just impatient and hostile and seemed not to appreciate a cold call. In most instances however people allowed me to pitch my offer and actually gave me an email address. Great! Out of 10 people, 5 give me email addresses and like 1 person will reply.

So I am thinking there is a more efficient strategy I could be using. There is no doubt most businesses want websites but perhaps I’m coming at from the wrong angle. Has anyone ever utilized this sort of affiliate marketing? I could really use some help. I have a website (didn’t want to post it because I’m not sure if it’s allowed here) and I have been doing this just for a month so maybe I could be jumping the gun and maybe I should continue on this path? I don’t know but I would appreciate any and every suggestion. Thanks in advance!

I brainstormed and came up with these ideas – Connect with black-owned business (I am black myself so perhaps they will be more patient and less skeptic) plus most black-owned businesses here cannot afford 1000s of dollars for website development – Attend businesses events and attempt to network with people – Physically go to people’s place of business and pitch instead of cold calling – abandon trying to acquire local leads and attempt to find leads worldwide with a different strategy altogether

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Chapter 6: How to Get the Attention of Big Bloggers, Influencers, and Marketers

When doing business on the Internet, it’s all about engagement, nurturing relationships, and standing out from the crowd. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by connecting with big bloggers, established marketers, who can push volume, and also social media influencers, who already have a massive following. Just having one of these powerful… View Article

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My experience with affiliate marketing so far (and some advice requested)

I recently posted the 100+ affiliate marketing programs, so I’m hoping that’ll buy me a little good will in the group and somebody will help a sister out – because I have questions!

Some background: I own a digital marketing agency that represents some national brands. We (and I) specialize in SEO, and have developed SEO/content writing, SMM and PR online courses and training manuals based on the same corporate and agency trainings we charge $9k+ for. My website generates $1m per year worth of organic traffic from digital marketing-related keywords, so we’re able to fill our sales funnel that way – we have downloadable assets/popups on all pages that put people into our email/sales funnel. We also monetize our blog via affiliate partnerships (we’ve made the most from SEMrush, which pays out $40 per user per month past the trial).

I also have a brand called Workationing, which started out as a podcast but has since grown into its own business. We offer a digital training course on how to find remote work/become a digital nomad (surprise! You need the skills to get the work…see the trainings in the paragraph above). We also have downloadable guides on the Workationing page to put people into our sales funnel. So far we’ve mostly monetized Workationing through affiliate partnerships – we move a lot of BetterHelp memberships at $300 per signup that stays on past the free week trial.

We also have free webinars that lead people into the trainings. So far, we’ve had the most success NOT with Facebook ads or even our own email campaign (20k+ active subscribers), but with Facebook groups that we admin and regularly market to. (If you’re not into Facebook groups yet, I highly recommend that you do so – you can move a lot of product as your group grows, as I’ve outlined in this guide to Facebook Group Monetization).

Anyway, we’re starting to make some decent money through affiliate sales, but also sales of our own digital products. So naturally, we created our own affiliate program. My biggest beef with a lot of affiliate programs is that they don’t give you enough promo materials, so we bundled that all with ours (down to the Facebook promo posts). Essentially, we’ve got a decent affiliate package that pays our partners well, and we’ve tried to make the promo stuff as foolproof as possible.

My question now is, how do I find affiliate partners to help me move these digital training programs? Do you guys reach out to potential partners you think would be a good fit on LinkedIn? That seems kind of spammy to me. Is there some magic affiliate network I should join?

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5 Steps To Create A Good Sales Funnel

If you’ve ever seriously looked into affiliate marketing at all, I can almost guarantee that you’ve heard a good sales funnel is the key to success, but what exactly is a sales funnel, and how can you create the perfect one.

If you’ve ever seriously looked into affiliate marketing at all, I can almost guarantee that you’ve heard a good sales funnel is the key to success, but what exactly is a sales funnel, and how can you create the perfect one.

Step one is to create and share detailed free content about a topic in your niche. This could be a case study within a blog post, a how to YouTube video, or even a podcast. It’s really up to you, but the whole point of this content is to attract potential customers so make sure you share it around. While some people wouldn’t consider this to be a part of the funnel, it is how people are going to discover you, so you’re going to want to make this content as valuable as possible.

Once you have a couple of solid pieces of value packed content you’re ready for step number 2, which is to create a lead magnet. This is just another value packed piece of content that you are going to share along with the content you just created. So for example let’s say you were in the fitness niche and you created a YouTube video about how to do pull-ups, in the description of that video you would leave a link to a fitness program you made and this would serve as your lead magnet. When the viewer clicks that link they will be redirected to your landing page where they can give you their email in exchange for free access to the program. That’s just one example, but there are plenty of things you can give away as a lead magnet. You can give away an ebook, a cheatsheet, a mini course, a pdf, and tons of other things, but the one thing you need to remember is that your lead magnet has to build off of your free content and into your one-time-offer. Everything needs to compliment each other.

I kinda just gave away step number three, but if you didn’t catch it, it’s to send people to a one time offer. This going to be a low priced product that you offer after someone opts-in for your lead magnet. If we go back to the fitness example we created a how to do pull-ups video, which lead to our fitness program lead magnet, so our one time offer could be a $20 coaching call. As with the lead magnets there are a lot of things you could sell as a one time offer such as a short video course, a coaching call, a $1 trial, or even a small affiliate offer, just make sure your oto is more valuable than your lead magnet! You might be saying to yourself, man this is a lot of work, why can’t I just send them to a thank-you page like most affiliate marketers? Well there’s two big reasons… First, it gives you a chance to recoup some ad spend and make some money on the front end. Let’s face it, not everyone that opts in for your lead magnet is going to buy your big offer, so this is your chance to at least make some money. Second, it strengthens the relationship between you and your lead. This is now at least the third time you’ve provided them with highly valuable information for dirt cheap which means their level of trust is at an all time high, and you’re ready for step #4.

The Fourth step to creating a perfect sales funnel is to introduce your high ticket offer. This offer will typical earn you over $100 and is the reason you’ve been giving away so much content for free. These high ticket affiliate offers are usually an online course, a software program, or a high ticket physical product and are often sold on a webinar, in an automated email sequence or with facebook retargeting ads. All three of these methods work extremely well so you can choose to use whichever method you are most comfortable with. However,if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing I recommend picking one method and and sticking with it until you have it mastered. Now right about now you’re probably thinking, but what if my prospects don’t sign up for the lead magnet, and what if the people who signed up for the lead magnet don’t take the oto, and what if my leads see my core offer but don’t buy?! Well that’s where step 5 of the perfect funnel comes in.

Remarketing, the fifth step to creating the perfect funnel. This is the step where you going to convert all those leads that you thought you lost into sales! The remarketing process is going to be different depending on how far your lead made it through your funnel, so let’s start at the very beginning. What do you do when someone visited your landing page but didn’t opt-in for your lead magnet. Simple, you place a facebook pixel on your landing page, and then retarget all the people who didn’t opt-in with an ad offering them your lead magnet again. This is a whole nother post in itself, but if it’s something you want to see let me know in the comments down below. Next up when someone does opt-in for lead magnet but doesn’t purchase your oto, you can either leave them be, or you can send them an email offering them one last chance to get the offer before it goes up to its original price, or is just gone all together. And lastly if someone sees your high ticket offer but doesn’t buy you can convert them by sending them retargeting ads with an added incentive to buy, or you can send them to a sales webinar (if you didn’t already do that in step 4).

If you follow these 5 steps and have a great lead magnet, oto and high ticket offer you’ll have created the perfect sales funnel that will generate you ton of leads and sales in no time!

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